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Games involving tactics and decision-making


Picture of Apocalypse Post

a procedurally-generated, turn-based tactical shooter set in a post-apocalyptic future, where you carry mail between survivor camps in your trusty delivery van, all the while fending off attacks from bandits and zombies.

Picture of Astra Terra

A real-time base-building strategy game with procedurally generated worlds and an emphasis on simulation and story

Picture of Citybound

A new city-building game that dares to go beyond everything in its genre

Picture of colonize

A Dwarf Fortress/Rimworld-like game written in Rust

Picture of Colony Genesis

Establish a new ant colony and help it grow or let it develop on its own.

Picture of Crate Before Attack

A multiplayer grappling-hook strategy about frogs.

Picture of Dwarf World

World's most acurate dwarven simulation.

Picture of DynaMaze

A multiplayer strategy-puzzle game about traversing a shifting maze

Picture of It's Not Cool

Assume role of the mayor of a small coastal city, caught in the middle of hilariously rapid global warming spurt.

Picture of Nox Futura

An open-source game combining elements of Dwarf Fortress, Civilization, Warhammer, Douglas Adams, and more.

Picture of Oxidator

A real-time strategy game/engine written with Rust and WebGPU.

Picture of Reforge

Online multiplayer sandbox space ship combat game

Picture of Slavic Castles

A card game inspired by Arcomage

Picture of Sulis

An RPG with turn based, tactical combat, deep character customization and an engaging storyline.

Picture of Time Spiders

They live, work, and die on a time machine they didn't invent and can't control. You are their Overlord. Help them learn, grow, and thrive.

Picture of UniverCity

An isometric university management game

Picture of Zemeroth

A small 2D turn-based hexagonal tactical game made with ggez engine

Picture of Zone of Control

A turn-based hexagonal strategy game


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