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Games that simulate a world


Picture of A/B Street

A traffic simulation game exploring how small changes to roads affect cyclists, transit users, pedestrians, and drivers

Picture of Astra Terra

A real-time base-building strategy game with procedurally generated worlds and an emphasis on simulation and story

Picture of Citybound

A new city-building game that dares to go beyond everything in its genre

Picture of colonize

A Dwarf Fortress/Rimworld-like game written in Rust

Picture of Colony Genesis

Establish a new ant colony and help it grow or let it develop on its own.

Picture of Dwarf World

World's most acurate dwarven simulation.

Picture of Evoli

An ecosystem simulation game. Achieve the greatest possible eco-diversity without disrupting the equilibrium.

Picture of Gaia

A program that lets you view the world

Picture of Garden

A game centered around really detailed plant growth simulation

Picture of Le Train Dispatcher

Direct the trains in the delivery areas.

Picture of Nox Futura

An open-source game combining elements of Dwarf Fortress, Civilization, Warhammer, Douglas Adams, and more.

Picture of

A virtual ecosystem where different species of creature can live, grow and die as part of a self-contained food chain.

Picture of Rust-oids

A-life simulator sandbox

Picture of Sandspiel

A pixel physics simulation sandbox where you can paint with elements, conduct experiments and build your own world!

Picture of Time Spiders

They live, work, and die on a time machine they didn't invent and can't control. You are their Overlord. Help them learn, grow, and thrive.

Picture of UniverCity

An isometric university management game


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