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Games where you jump and climb your way past obstacles


  • Picture of Ascension 2

    Hop your way through bite sized levels while dodging spikes, turrets, lasers, and more. Then, change the direction of gravity, and do it all again!

  • Picture of Call of Ferris

    A thrilling action game where your favorite Ferris the crab and the rust mascot got guns and has taken up the duty to find evildoer languages while managing to keep itself alive. Take part in this awesome adventure and help Ferris be the best ever!

  • Picture of chirperjax

    A simple 2D platformer game that demonstrates the use of two Rust crates: Gate and Collider.

  • Picture of Stacked Worlds

    A game prototype written in Rust, shows how to use specs and nphysics.

  • Picture of Super Jeff

    Small 2d platformer game using SDL2 and glam. Mostly to make fun of my friends if I'm being honest :)


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