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Games that demand co-ordination and quick reaction-times


Picture of 12 Seconds Awake

A small 2D top-down physics-based tank war game with worms-like turn mechanics written using Oxygengine

Picture of Call of Ferris

A thrilling action game where your favorite Ferris the crab and the rust mascot got guns and has taken up the duty to find evildoer languages while managing to keep itself alive. Take part in this awesome adventure and help Ferris be the best ever!

Picture of Compact Space

How long can you stay alive?

Picture of Crate Before Attack

A multiplayer grappling-hook strategy about frogs.

Picture of Everpuzzle

A realtime action-puzzle game like Tetris Attack

Picture of Galangua

A dynamic 2D shoot 'em up game, written using SDL2

Picture of Llamassacre

A jump and bump game for two players made with ggez

Picture of Rocket

A toy game in Rust, using Piston. The code is thoroughly commented in order to help people to follow it easily

Picture of Rostige Schlange

Rostige Schlange ("Rusty Snake" in German apparently) is a small snake clone, using OpenGL for rendering

Picture of ruga

A game made in rust

Picture of SHAR

Network shooter with physics and destructions

Picture of Space Invaders

A remake of the original Space Invaders written in rust

Picture of Sphere Game

You control a sphere in a bowl-shaped 2D space. Your goal is to hit the other spheres as hard as possible to shatter them into pieces!

Picture of Twenty Asteroids

A modern asteroids-like game with procedural destruction

Picture of Vigilant Steel

A space game using Rust & Piston

Picture of YAVSS

Yet Another Vertical Scrolling Shooter


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