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Tools & other game-dev related libraries


A crate to load files from the aseprite sprite editor.

Conveniently load, cache, and reload external resources

Utilities and collections for 3D hexagonal maps

Data types, collections, and algorithms for working with maps on 2D and 3D integer lattices. Commonly known as voxel data.

A simple terminal framework to draw things and manage user input

Tweak constant variables live from a web GUI

Core module for density mesh generator

Image module for density mesh generator

Easing functions

Helper library for working with 2d hex-grid maps

A library to evenly tile hexagons on a sphere.

:dromedary_camel: Dust3D is a cross-platform open-source 3D modeling software. Auto UV unwrapping, auto rigging with PBR Material support, pose and motion authoring all in one.

A simple framework for loading and caching game assets

A simple library for animation in Rust

Rust interface for integrating - a modding API for game developers

A trait for abstracted, decoupled modulation sources

Procedural noise generation library.

A Rust crate for reading and writing Ogmo Editor 3 projects and levels

This crate provides a very thin abstraction over other profiler crates.

Pyxel is a library for loading [PyxelEdit]( documents in Rust

A general purpose, deterministic bin packer designed to conform to any two or three dimensional use case.

For use with the Sharecart1000 system.

Procedurally generate pixel sprites and save them in different formats

Superluminal Performance API for adding user events to profiler captures

The Rust bindings for the Doryen library (a.k.a. libtcod).

Multiresolution Stochastic Texture Synthesis, a non-parametric example-based algorithm for image generation

A rust crate for loading in maps created by the Tiled editor

A Rust crate that implements a frame-rate-independent game loop.

Implements the Voronoi diagram construction as a dual of the Delaunay triangulation for a set of points and the construction of a centroidal tesselation of a Delaunay triangulation.

A customizable battle system for turn-based games.

Translate between 1D indices and 2D coordinates with wrapping


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