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Linear algebra libraries, quaternions, color conversion and more



A fast BVH using SAH

A linear algebra and mathematics library for computer graphics.

A type-agnostic dual-quaternion math library

Geometry primitives

Mathematics library for 3D computer graphics

Manipulations and data types that represent 2d matrix.

A simple and fast 3D math library for games and graphics

3D/2D library written in Rust

Math interoperability standard types

Linear algebra library with transformations and statically-sized or dynamically-sized matrices.

Linear Algebra using const generics for no_std and specialization to enable SIMD.

Oxygen Quark is a maths library mainly developed for the Oxygen Engine.

Makes linear color calculations and conversion easy and accessible for anyone.

A simple and type agnostic quaternion math library designed for reexporting

Spline interpolation made easy

A crate to do linear algebra, fast.

Simple uniform cubic spline evaluation and inversion.

A simple and type agnostic library for vector math designed for reexporting


Generic 2D-3D math swiss army knife for game engines, with SIMD support and focus on convenience.


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