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Game Engines

2D and 3D engines and frameworks


Data-oriented game engine written in Rust

A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine and app framework

Minimalist game framework

A cross-platform open-source reimplementation of the Age of Empires (1997) engine

An opinionated 2D game engine focused on simplicity, explicitness, and type-safety

A simple terminal framework to draw things and manage user input

Rust interface to the Corange game engine, written in Pure C, SDL and OpenGL by Daniel Holden. Features include: deferred rendering, UI rendering, text rendering, multiple lights, post-processing effects, SSAO, shadow mapping, color correction, skeletal animation, inverse kinematics, collision detection, OpenCL support, asset management, entity management, terrain, file loaders including .dds, .wav, .bmp, .obj, .smd, 3D math.

A small, portable and extensible game framework.

Pure rust OpenGL accelerated roguelike console API with native/wasm support

MuOxi, a modern mud game engine written in Rust.

A specialized 2D game library

The Godot game engine's gdnative bindings.

A lightweight game framework for making 2D games with minimum friction, inspired by Love2D.

Unicorn Console: create quick game !

An engine for Vulkan in Rust, tries to implement modern graphic features. (suspended for now)

A fast and fun 2D game engine for Rust

Simple and easy to use graphics library

A simple platformer game library in Rust

A game engine for making beautiful games.

The Piston game engine core libraries

A simple game framework for 2D games in pure Rust

Safe Rust bindings for Raylib.

A CP437/ASCII terminal library and helpers to make creating roguelike games in Rust easy. Similar to libtcod, but aiming to be Rust-native.

A fun way to learn Rust using a simple 2D game engine.

An easy-to-use 2D/3D rendering engine in the spirit of QBasic.

Formerly "Ori-Engine" is an hobby project of mine. Target is an Rust/Vulkan engine for games and visualization software.

A simple 2D game framework written in Rust

A 3D game engine with built-in editor


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