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Wrappers for FMOD, OpenAL, MIDI and similar, and higher level APIs.


Idiomatic interface for OpenAL 1.1 and extensions (including EFX)

Compose and play 3D audio.

Low-level audio library

A FLAC decoding library

Low-level cross-platform audio I/O library in pure Rust.

Easy Rust API to play audio using OpenAL

A rust binding for the FMOD library


Rust bindings for Game Music Emu

A wav encoding and decoding library

Dynamic audio library for games

Pure Rust vorbis decoder

Rust bindings for the minimp3 library.

A library for parsing and playing mod music files

Lightweight game audio library

High-level PortMidi bindings for Rust

Sound library for games.

Audio playback library

libsoundio bindings for Rust

Reimplementation of DrPetter's 'sfxr' sound effect generator

Rust bindings for the soloud audio engine

Realtime procedurally generated sound effects

High-level bindings for the official libvorbis library.


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