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2D Rendering

Sprites, vectors, splines, hex grids and more


Utilities and collections for 3D hexagonal maps

Simple 2D graphics driver for Benzene

An opinionated set of high level wrappers for the `fermium` SDL2 bindings.

A parser and runtime for Blender's .blend files.

Blit sprites on a buffer with a mask

A pixel perfect 2D rendering engine

An attempt at porting Elm's incredibly useful, purely functional std graphics modules.

An opinionated crate of SDL2 bindings.

Helper library for working with 2d hex-grid maps

Imaging library written in Rust. Provides basic filters and decoders for the most common image formats.

2D Graphics rendering on the GPU using tessellation.

Cross-platform window context and rendering library.

Rust wrapper for Nuklear 2D GUI library (

A library for 2D graphics that works with multiple back-ends

A tiny library providing a GPU-powered pixel frame buffer.

Rotate sprites using the rotsprite algorithm

A pure Rust alternative to libraries like FreeType. RustType provides an API for loading, querying and rasterising TrueType fonts. It also provides an implementation of a dynamic GPU glyph cache for hardware font rendering.

SDL2 bindings for Rust

Rust binding for sfml

This crate provides an easy option for drawing hardware-accelerated 2D by combining Vulkan and Skia.


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